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PhD Defense by Ahrong Yang Nissen

PhD Defense by Ahrong Yang Nissen

Ahrong Yang Nissen defends her thesis "Child-friendly racism? An ethnographical study on children’s racialized becoming in a race-blind context"


02.02.2022 kl. 08.00 - 11.00



2 February 08.00-11.00 AM


Child-friendly racism? An ethnographical study on children’s racialized becoming in a race-blind context


The dissertation “Child-friendly racism? An ethnographical study on children’s racialized becoming in a race-blind context” is dedicated to an investigation about children’s racialized becoming in a Danish context, and in doing so, by foregrounding racialized experiences of children. How do children make sense of race? What narratives of race and childhood make up children’s racialized experiences? What makes race primary seem a concern for adults? And what are the implications of disconnecting race and children? The dissertation builds on an ethnographical field study with children in the age 10-13 and their experiences. It is these lived experiences about race and age that are the object of analysis and reflection. The research elucidates the implications of silencing, erasing, and avoiding engaging conversations about race and racism with children. Thus, how these processes become through children’s negotiations about race and racism, moreover, what is at stake for the children, when they share experiences and feelings connected to race. The research draws special attention to how processes of racialization have specific implications for all children alike, and especially the racially minoritized children’s experiences of belonging. The doctoral research joins ongoing dialogues aimed at bringing forward new and intersectional perspectives on race and childhood, and challenging ideas of race, childhood, and innocence. With the dissertation, the hope is to give rise to further reflection on the importance of how race as a social category informs the lives of children and their feelings of belonging. Both racially minoritized and white children.




  • Professor Mette Buchardt, Aalborg Universitet (formand)
  • Associate Professor Iram Khawaja, Aarhus Universitet
  • Professor Makiko Deguchi, Sophia University, Japan


  • Associate Professor Iben Jensen, Aalborg Universitet
  • Associate Professor Signe Hvid Thingstrup, University College Copenhagen
  • Professor Lene Myong, University of Stavanger 


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Aalborg University, Department of Culture and Learning


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