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Invitation to guest lecture by Thomer Popkewitz on

Invitation to guest lecture by Thomas Popkewitz on "International Assessments: PISA and the Paradoxes of Models of Change that Conserve"

The talk focuses on the paradoxes of PISA. Its measures of science and mathematics are formed as a chimera, a fiction about science and mathematics that is perceived as real and dazzling but is imaginative, implausible in its stated object of teaching. The argument is historical and about the “reason” of PISA organising the measures.


07.02.2020 kl. 14.30 - 16.00


We are pleased to welcome the internationally leading education theorist and researcher Thomas Popkewitz. He is a partner on the project: “Education Access under the reign of Testing and Inclusion”. In relation to a workshop on this project, Mr. Popkewitz will hold an open guest lecture and we welcome students, employees, educators and other interested parties to attend.  

All interested are welcome!


Centre for Education Policy Research (CfU), Department of Culture and Learning


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