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Invitation to pre-defence: Verena Gisela Huppert

Invitation to pre-defence: Verena Gisela Huppert

Title of thesis: Recruitment and retention of local labour in Greenland


30.10.2019 kl. 13.00 - 15.00


This project aims to examine how employers in Greenland potentially could enhance their measures concerning the recruitment and retention of local labour. By investigating if there are discrepancies between the employers’ views and acts towards the challenge, compared to the labour force’s needs, potential for improvement will be analysed and discussed.
Currently, employers in Greenland report a mismatch between the demand and supply of local labour force, as they struggle to recruit and retain local labour force all across Greenland. The overall labour force size in Greenland matches the OECD average, however the employment rate at 58% (2016) is noticeably low – seemingly, employers are unable to access the labour force that they need, at the same time as the labour force is not applying for said jobs, or only keeps them for short periods of time. Whilst geographical challenges and a low educational level might be part of the challenge, there might be other factors that play a role. This is in particular shown as there at times is high unemployment amongst local, unskilled labour, at the same time as employers recruit unskilled labour from abroad. By not being able to recruit and retain the needed labour, a certain unpredictability of the local labour force is shown, as well as a lack of knowledge about the labour forces needs and expectations. Importing external labour has been one of the solutions to the described challenge, at the same time as employers have tried different approaches to attract and retain local labour, often without the expected success. To date, no detailed investigation of the employers struggles to recruit and retain local labour has been carried out, nor the perception of such endeavours among the target group: the employees. More knowledge about the local labour force is needed, in order to accommodate their needs, especially presuming that there are qualified individuals that at times choose not to be a member of the labour force. Which factors are the most important for the Greenlandic labour force, when being recruited and retained? Which factors make being a member of the labour force attractive? This dissertation contributes to the above knowledge gap with a large and unique data base of both quantitative and qualitative data, that allows to extract knowledge on the motivation and preferences of the Greenlandic labour force.



Robert Thomsen


Joan Nyman Larsen


The pre-defence starts with a presentation by Verena Huppert followed by the discussant's comments and an open discussion. The pre-defence will be in English.


CGS PhD programme, Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University


Aalborg University, Kroghstræde 3, room 2.107, 9220 Aalborg East

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29.10.2019 kl. 12.00

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