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PhD Defense by David Ross Olanya

PhD Defense by David Ross Olanya

David Ross Olanya defends his thesis: Capitalizing on land - Negotiating resources and policies: a discourse study of land use and land ownership in the four policy fields in Uganda


09.10.2020 kl. 13.00 - 16.00



Capitalizing on land - Negotiating resources and policies: a discourse study of land use and land ownership in the four policy fields in Uganda



The PhD thesis explores the implications of land policies - land use and land ownership based in the Uganda Vision 2040 and the national development policy in the country. Four policy fields are identified (agriculture, oil and gas, hydropower and tourism) with the intention of showing the interconnectedness therein. The aim is to prove the interconnectedness and consequently explore the complexities, tensions and conflicting interests between these four policy fields. In order to address this interconnectedness, the thesis shows that the four policy fields are empirically interconnected by evaluating the reproduction of, or resistance against, hegemonic discourses in institutional practices. These fields are being represented discursively with language playing a causal mechanism through storylines. It further introduces a comparative discourse analysis as a way of understanding the ongoing discursive struggles in the four policy fields, or changes over time. Through storylines, some groups of actors who share social constructions or interpretations influence others through discourse coalitions. Theoretically, the thesis demonstrates considerable ambition in its efforts to bring field theory into dialogue with discourse analysis in order to explore the potential link between field and orders of discourse. The approach is placed within a multidisciplinary and multilevel approach which aims to uncover the interconnectedness which are brought into the analysis of the four policy fields. In short, it is land as a key terrain of struggles and contestations that brings into conflict the blurred boundaries. This requires further articulation of critical discourse analysis development into critical policy studies.  



  • Kl. 13.00: Welcome by moderator
  • Kl. 13.05: PhD presentation 
  • Kl. 13.45: Break
  • Kl. 14.00: Opponents examination 
  • Kl. 15.30: Questions from the audience


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Due to COVID-19, the defense will be held online through Zoom.

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