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Press: The Sound of Witches

Press: The Sound of Witches

CBS WIRE - 13 June 2018

Witch-hunting is part of Denmark’s dark heritage, and it is a story about the silencing of a group of people. Associate Professors from CBS, Ana Maria Munar and Mads Bødker, want to give voices to the witches and tell their stories through sound bites for the coming witch museum in Ribe.

November 9th 1641: Many people have gathered this day at the place of execution, Galgebakken, a little outside the city of Ribe in Jutland. They have come to see the burning of Maren Spliid – the witch. Yesterday, the king of Denmark, Christian the fourth, condemned her to death by burning, as she has been found guilty in the use of witchcraft.

The crowd is so huge that the priest can barely make his way through the masses to give her the last blessing. Maren Spliid  is given half a cup of mead before her executioners bind a pouch filled with gun powder to her back. She is then chained to a ladder and pushed into the roaring flame.

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