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Leading political philosopher, Annabelle Lever, awarded honorary doctorate at AAU

Leading political philosopher, Annabelle Lever, awarded honorary doctorate at AAU

The Faculty of Humanities has awarded Professor Annabelle Lever, Sciences Po, Paris, an honorary doctorate at Aalborg University. The award will be presented at a virtual event at Aalborg University on 15 April 2021.

Professor Annabelle Lever is internationally recognized for her research on political philosophy where she studies the intersection of contemporary political philosophy, public policy and the philosophy of law.

Annabelle Lever started out studying History of Ideas at Oxford University in 1981, but eventually made her way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she wrote her higher doctoral dissertation on political philosophy in 1997. Her research has brought her far and wide, with academic appointments at Rochester University, Harvard University, the London School of Economics, Oxford University, Manchester University and the University of Geneva. Since 2008, she has been employed as Professor of Political Philosophy at Sciences Po, Paris.


Professor Lever is known and respected for her research on privacy and democracy. Her work concerns the relationship between the private and the public, justice in relation to gender and race, and the ethics of patenting human genes.

In her research on the right to privacy, such as the protection of personal data and the autonomy of the individual, she explicates the legal right to privacy from a philosophical point of view. She also deals with other aspects of privacy, such as privacy and gender equality.


Annabelle Lever’s research also examines democracy theory, including ethical issues related to voting and the electoral process. Antje Gimmler, Professor in the Department of Culture and Learning, states:

The Centre for Applied Philosophy expects Annabelle Lever to be an important partner and a source of inspiration for the entire research group where she will be able to particularly contribute to talent development, project development and international collaboration.

Keld Thorgård, Head of the Department of Culture and Learning, adds:

- At Aalborg University, we are really looking forward to the collaboration with Professor Annabelle Lever. Her combination of analytical philosophy and critical theory is unique and makes her an ideal partner for many research environments at the university. We thus expect Annabelle Lever to have a wide reach at the university and to be a great inspiration across research environments, concludes Keld Thorgård.



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