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New associate professor: Csilla Weninger

New associate professor: Csilla Weninger

As of 1 January 2019, the Centre for Discourses in Transition (C-DiT) has a new associate professor!

I joined AAU in January 2019, and I’m primarily affiliated with the English Program within CGS. I got my PhD in Linguistics in 2007 from the University of Georgia in the United States, and did postdoctoral work at Vanderbilt University before moving to Singapore to take up a position at the Nanyang Technological University, where I spent the last nearly ten years teaching and researching.

In terms of research, I’m primarily interested in the ideological ‘work’ that gets done through language as social practice. Theoretically, I am mostly influenced by Critical Discourse Analysis but in my research I draw on multiple traditions within discourse studies, including linguistic anthropology, semiotics, interactional sociolinguistics, and corpus linguistics.

I have taught courses primarily relating to English and Applied Linguistics at the Bachelor and Master’s level, including The Sounds and Word of English, Critical Discourse Analysis, Discourse Studies and Digital and Media Literacy. In addition, I have supervised MA and PhD students primarily in the areas of Critical Discourse Studies and Multimodal Communication. I was born and raised in Hungary, and after 18 years away from Europe, I’m excited to be back!

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