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New research assistant: Mia Thyregod Rasmussen

The Department of Culture and Learning welcomes new staff member Mia Thyregod Rasmussen, who has joined the Department as a research assistant for the research group Communicating Organizations (ComOrg) as of 1 September 2019.

At Aalborg University, Mia will be teaching various courses, including 'The Company in the Global World' and 'The Company's Communication in the Global World', and she also supervises projects.

For the last three years, she has been employed as a PhD Fellow in the Business Communication programme at the Department of Management at Aarhus University. Her dissertation focusing on dynamics related to organisational socialisation and organisational knowledge communication in ICT start-ups is currently awaiting assessment.

Her research interests include internal communication (primarily HR communication, knowledge communication and communication networks) and organisational socialisation, and she has previously focused on non-standard empirical contexts in the form of NGOs and start-ups.

She is still affiliated with Aarhus University as an external lecturer, teaching 'Qualitative Methods' and supervising internship portfolios. She has previously taught courses in 'Communication Theory', 'Qualitative Methods' and 'Research Methodology'.

She has a Master's Degree in Corporate Communication and a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Management Communication, both from Aarhus University.

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