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Turkish interest in crime fiction research from AAU. Interview with associate professor Kim Toft Hansen.

Turkish interest in crime fiction research from AAU

The leading crime magazine in Turkey has interviewed associate professor Kim Toft Hansen on his crime fiction research for a special issue on urbanism in crime narratives.

In August 2019, Kim Toft Hansen was interviewed by the Turkish crime magazine 221B for a special issue on cities, locations and places in crime fiction. The interview explains the basic theses and tasks in the Horizon 2020-project DETECt (Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives). The overall intention of the project is to understand how Europe is perceived in four communicative stages, i.e. production, representation, distribution and reception. Kim Toft Hansen is the leader of a subproject on “Creative Industries” that deals with producing crime narratives for local and international audiences. This activity is also based on his earlier research into crime narratives, which has included a project on locations, places and urban/rural issues in Nordic television crime stories.

Read the entire interview (in Turkish only) 

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