Institut for Kultur og Læring

The study board for Cross-Cultural Studies

Members of the Study Board

Chair of Study Board

Karina Madsen Smed - Represententative, CCG, chair of the study board
Kroghstræde 3, room 5.260
Phone: 9940 8390

Laura James
(Tourism) - Representative, Tourism Aalborg, current chair of the study board

Karina Madsen Smed (CCG) - Representative, CCG Aalborg

Helene Balslev (Tourism) - Representative, Tourism Copenhagen


Mads Thrysøe Christensen, student counseller (Aalborg)

Camilla Enghoff Kristoffersen, student counseller (Copenhagen)

Study board secretary

Malene Karmisholt
Kroghstræde 3, room 3.252

Minutes from Study Board meetings

Evaluations - Quality assurance at Aalborg University

Evaluations of the study programmes and teaching at the Study Board for Cross-Cultural Studies

► Information about the quality assurance of
     study programmes and teaching at Aalborg

► Common evaluation procedure for the study
     boards of Department of Culture and Global

Each semester, the Study Board assesses teaching activities in the study programmes under the Study Board for Danish. The assessments include courses, project work, the full semester and the full programme. Below you can see the latest results of the assessment.


Recruitment Panel

The Recruitment Panel for CCG and Language and International Studies (English and Spanish) & The Recruitment Panel for Tourism

In order to ensure high quality educations, two advisory panels review and evaluate the programmes of the study board on an on-going basis. The current members of the two panels are:

The Recruitment Panel for CCG and Language and International Studies (English and Spanish)

  • Anette Galskjøt, Chief Executive Officer IFHP
  • Falko Nørr, Communication and Strategy Consultant
  • Heidi Westerby, Project Manager, DEIF Wind Power Technology
  • Maj Norman Pallesen, Bankdata
  • Margrethe Thomassen, Network coordinator for refugees, Mariagerfjord Kommune
  • Marie-Louise Gammelgaard Larsen, Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration
  • Nicolai Houe, Consultant, MacMann Berg
  • Zuzanna Warsoe, Project Coordinator, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
  • Peter Graversen, Marketing and sales manager, Enjoy Limfjorden.

The Recruitment Panel for Tourism

  • Peter Berg Schmidt, Erhvervsakademiet
  • Jacob R. Kirkegaard Larsen, Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme
  • Sune Jensen, Turisme og Oplevelsesøkonomi, Dansk Industri
  • Lotte Rosenholm, By og Havn, Kbh.
  • Rasmus Rosenkilde Jerver, Jerver Consulting
  • Lone Alletorp Callard, Wonderful Copenhagen.

Mandat of the Recruitment Panels under Aalborg University

Recruitment Panel meetings - CCG & Language and International Studies (English and Spanish)

Recruitment Panel meetings - Tourism

Curriculums Cross-Cultural Studies
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